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Welsh Contact Centre Awards - HWP makes it to the final 3!

I am so proud to say that at the Welsh Contact Centre Awards night held last week, Swansea Contact Centre reached the final 3 for the work we have done with the HSBC Water Programme in the category Best Community Engagement 2013.  We have 23 Citizen Science Leaders on site, they are all so passionate about the HWP.  In 2013 we ensured that all new employees to HSBC were taken on an information day and overview of the HWP and also watched a water sample session by 2 trained CSL's, in total this was 60 employees.  All CSL's have shar

My Experience as a Citizen Science Leader

I shared my CSL training day with colleagues from Mexico, mostly from  Metro Norte, RBWM and CRE . They made it special , but also a Mexican environmental gem: Xochimilco.  Finding amid one of the largest cities in the world such an exquisite watershed is a unique privilege. Xochimilco has been used since pre-Hispanic times as a source of water for human consumption and agricultural use.

High Broom Wood

I volunteer at my local wood as part of the Friends of High Broom Wood group, it is also where I do my water testing  Follow our activities here:

Januarie's Blog #4 11.02.14

A belated Kung Hei Fat Choi

So begins the Year of the Horse, and so we ride on past more Water Partnership mile stones.

Snowdonia woodland garden

My first sample was from a friend's garden in Snowdonia. It sits at the foot of one of the big disused slate quarries that are a feature of the landscape there (containing freshwater bodies themselves, but that is another story!) and it is a lovely woodland garden with streams, a pond, a moss bed, amazing shrubs and plants...we are talking a very keen gardener here!. The initial sample showed low levels of nutrients, so it will be interesting to see if this changes over the year.