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  • Freshwater in Wadi Wuraya - Al Fujaira

Wastewater Treatment in Egypt

Today I wrote this post on Facebook

"Did you know that we flush our pipi and kiki with freshwater!!!”

Actually it created quite a buzz, people started participating and joking and asking for suggestions. I told them that we could use seawater instead. Finally, one of my friends advised that the treated wastewater is being put to such use in new residential areas in Cairo. Need to confirm but it looks bright ha :)

  • A Toad in Wadi Wuraya


I have just returned from the water research program and guys it is amazing!!! I never thought how scarce freshwater is and how vital it is for species to grow and flourish. I have already started my 50 persons challenge and I am determined on informing as many people as I can.

The attached photo shows a Toad that we catched in the field. See how this little creature needs our help!

Photos from Team 3.

Photos from Team 3.


Januarie's Blog 3# 15.01.14

Happy January everyone, 'Januarie is the cruelest month' oh ok maybe it was April but who's checking with the references? Actually I can't moan too much this is a very mild month for UK temperatures although sadly there has been a lot of flooding around the UK, very little around London though which therefore means "no excuses Hall" with the advancement of my Water crusade! I have my generals hat on and mean business this year with my Water Education & Testing Mission.