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Januarie's Blog 3# 15.01.14

Happy January everyone, 'Januarie is the cruelest month' oh ok maybe it was April but who's checking with the references? Actually I can't moan too much this is a very mild month for UK temperatures although sadly there has been a lot of flooding around the UK, very little around London though which therefore means "no excuses Hall" with the advancement of my Water crusade! I have my generals hat on and mean business this year with my Water Education & Testing Mission.

  • The River Thames, with flood defences along the bank

The real risks of flooding, wherever you live

I received an email this week telling me that my house is no longer ‘at risk of flooding’, and breathed a sigh of relief.  It was just before Christmas that the UK Environment Agency raised the risk, so I had diligently put all my possessions onto tables, and prepared for the worst.

SAVE water SAVE lives

What a program, what a team, I really envy all of you for this cool job. We all learned a lot about fresh water and its importance, not as usual consumers, but as excperts.

Wishh you all the best and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Plastic doesn't sink...

Fun and games today trying to collect sample from bridge over River Crouch.  Too far down (3 metres) to reach water with standard collecting device (i.e. milk carton on stick), so lowered carton down on a piece of string. Great result - plastic carton simply floated away!