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MiddleEast Citizen Science Leaders


I just came back from HSBC Water Program in Wadi Wurayah National Park, Fujeirah, UAE yesterday and I am just amazed from the amount of information I have learned!

London Citizen Science Leaders!

As some of you London-based CSLs may know, on Wednesday 18th December, my colleagues Sara, Phil and I ventured up to Canary Wharf to hold an event following the end of the first year of Citizen Science Leader (CSL) training. The idea was to get this year’s CSLs together so they could meet and discuss their experiences of the Water Programme so far.


My experience with the HSBC WATER PROGRAMME in BRAZIL

After attending the first training of the HSBC Water Programme in Latin America, I became, along with 43 other colleagues from São Paulo and Curitiba, a CITIZEN SCIENCE LEADER.

On the meeting I chose two rivers that are near my home in the East Zone of São Paulo City. Despite being close, I never had me worried about them, and to be honest, did not even know the names, a situation that must be very common among city dwellers, who unfortunately lost that kind of relationship with the rivers, especially those that are degraded or even channeled.

Januarie's BLOG 2# 11.12.13

Howdee Cowboys and Cowgirls

It's been a month since my last confession, I mean blog. Much has happened since the last entry so I thought I'd fill you in on my Water related activities.

I am no longer drinking Evian water, I am sticking to filtered water in the effort to reduce my ginormous Water Footprint, I still have not managed to kick my Cheeseburger addiction which is wrong in more ways than Water but I'll get there eventually.

Following on from my last entry I was due to do my first water testing sample...

Cold and Blizzardy Winter Water test

It was a cold and blustery December day when I and my partner ventured out to do our water sampling. But the sun was out and cut the chill in the air, that is, when we started out. By the time we got to the shores of Lake Ontario, it was windy, grey and snowing. The waves on the lake were 4-5 feet high. We did stay and do the test, getting our water sample and taking it back to the warm car to complete the testing. Luckily the beach was closed for the season so the litter clean up was done very quickly as well.