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CSL - Bishan Park Upstream, MidStream and DownStream

Team : Bishanites

Location : Singapore Bishan Park 1 and 2

Families gather for picnic, walk-in-the-park and some even heads down to river with fishing net hoping to catch a fish or 2. (see Family Bonding time pic). What has been left behind intentional or unintentional ? (see Plastic bag) Or were these blown away plastic bags?

While conducting water survey at Park 1, a couple threw half slice of bread each time into river to feed fishes. What happen to portion of eaten bread? (see uneaten Bread pic). Industrial helmet found in river (see Industrial disposal pic).

Exploring Your Urban Pond

                            Exploring your urban pond


I recently moved into an area where there was an urban pond. Although I knew some things about where the water came from I hadn’t fully explored the pond. I decided to head out and explore my pond.

Spoiled by Water

The lake water was crisp and prickly as it worked it's way into my sneakers and up my legs into my jeans. I wasn't planning on getting wet - in fact I was wearing a raincoat over my thick sweater (it was October after all). Despite my soaking socks, I now needed to figure out just how to get the canoe up out of the water, and the water back out of the canoe. This was one of my darker days as a Scout. I knew that I would not be earning my canoeing badge that day. And it wasn't even my fault!


Citizen Science Leader Training at New Delhi, INDIA (July 2013)  - MY BLOG :


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