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Earth Day 2018: celebrating FreshWater Watching

Earth Day 2018: we have walked along the Pesa River talking about FreshWater Watch and sampling to an amazing group of 30 motivated, interested people, from 7 to 70 years old. Great experience! Thanks to an ecologist, Marco Lebboroni, we could also look at the health of the ecosystem in its whole, sampled for macroinvertebrates and talked about how to preserve our environment. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Anna and Kate talk about FreshWater Watch on the radio

The FreshWater Watch kayakers who are paddling from England to the Black Sea were on BBC Radio Oxford morning show on Wednesday. They talk about why they’re taking on the four month challenge, how they met, raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Action and why they’re doing FreshWater Watch as well!

You can hear them from 1:08:44 here.

Cape Town water crisis

Cape Town residents going to extreme lengths to limit their water consumption, including naming and shaming their neighbours.

First sample of 2018

The first water sample of 2018 has been taken!

Will you be taking samples, protecting water or reducing your water footprint this year?

Spreading word's

Hi there, Even if it has been a long time I didn't open the Hub and participated in blogs, but I'm still spreading words on the Water Program and how was a great experience. Taking care of yourself = Taking care of the Earth. Greetings! Mel.