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Shing Mun River Site 3 in the 3rd quarter, 2017

26 July 2017 -- The site 3 of Shing Mun River in HK, the concentrations a little bit increased is that the water was tiding back during collection. Also, the tempeature increased and the upsteam of river has restaurant that the pollution may affect the water quality.

Student on placement with LOHP

Citizen science, and my first experience using FreshWater Watch's water quality kit on the Little Ouse river

Hengrave :How the river bed plantlife has changed

This part of the River Lark has until recently been rather empty of vegetation and until the last inundation of rain, there was a slimy covering on the river bed stones. Now only a few weeks later it is looking really vibrant and the watercress on the edge of the river bank has created a great habitat - Dace were swimming as we sampled, and "clouds" of damselflies and dragonflies darting about.

Little Ouse and Thet Sub-catchment Partnership - The East Anglian Brecks have 28% of all UK rare species and with the area having the lowest rainfall in the UK, water is at a premium!

Being still on sick leave and having someone drive me to the venue which is very local, gave me the opportunity to accept a very short notice invite to the second Little Ouse and Thet sub-catchment partnership meeting; which is an expansion of the main CamEO partnership.

CamEO group expands to include Little Ouse Headwaters Project

Today was avery interesting day as I was able to give a presentation of Fresh Water Watch and then after the training video and quiz, provided practical training of Rob Martyr. Rob is the newly appointed Conservation Manager to the Little Ouse Headwaters Project. Rob will be recruiting further volunteers and potentially monitoring five+ sites on this ecologically important wetland conservation area. Upstream and adjacent are Alder Carr wetland woods, reed beds and grazing areas which are under great threat in this wonderful area of boarderland between Norfolk and Suffolk.