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  • N and P results at Lam Tsuen River.

HK Student Collecting River Sample in FreshWater Watch Project

Read now: Agriculture and solutions to freshwater pollution

We already know that up to 30 per cent of nitrogen used in agriculture ends up in our fresh water. This report from the UN Food & Agriculture Organisation shares some good advice that individuals and big organisations can use to curb the impact of agriculture on water.

River Collecting Event in November 2017 (Shing Mun River)

4 November 2017 -- I have organizing events of River Collection to let student learning the In-situ measurement knowledge and launch people the interest to know. It will hold every Saturday in November 2017. Today's is the first day to do and act. I hope that we can finish for all. Site1:

Yuen Long Creek cannot collect water

21 October 2017 -- Following the Google map, there is no any bridge and it is difficult to collect the sample, thus I don't prefer to collect data.

Flen Vatten Blitz


The results are in: Flen Vatten Blitz Autumn 2017

51 samples were taken in lakes (55%), streams (25%), ponds, urban reservoirs and smaller brooks from across the Flen municipality by 39 participants between 30th September and 1st October.