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FreshWater Watch in Assen

Fresh Water Watch roll-out at NAM Assen

On Tuesday December 6, 2016, was the official roll-out of the Earthwatch - Fresh Water Watch (FWW) program in Assen. Freshwater Watch is a global research project taking place in 25 cities around the world that aims to involve 100.000 people in a program to learn about and safeguard the quality and supply of freshwater for the future. Currently, sampling is taken place on all (inhabited) continents and close to 17000 measurements have been added to the database.

My first ever Blog


I feel a bit self consciouse about doing this, as this is not just my first blog on this website, but my first blog ever!

My name is Ian and I'm involved with helping to look after a stretch of the River Lark in Suffolk; along with other members of the Club I belong to and other organisations, each looking after their own stretch (this list is growing as more people become concerned and want to protect their local bit).

My experience with Shell CSLs in London

As part of the Shell Freshwater Watch programme, Shell CSLs test water samples from 4 separate sites in London once every month. As a Programme Coordinator for Earthwatch, I liaise with Shell CSLs to coordinate the testing days, but I had never participated in the testing myself. This month I went to London to join Shell CSLs on a testing day for the first time.

The Big Five Oh!

Wow!  This was my 50th Test!!!  It also happens to be that this is my 40th blog too!!!

Most of my tests have come at my home location of Astoria Park in Queens, incuding during a photo shoot, music video, rain shower, and ice berg flow.  Others include at the Columbia Univiersity home site of Pier 84 as well as once in the Pantanal in Brasil!!!

Thank you to everyone, fellow CSLs, Earthwatch employees, senior managers, scientists, family and friends, civilians of New York and the world, and the environment!

...What a run...

FreshWater Watch - POSEIDOMM project (Italy) in HORIZON magazine (EU H2020 Research and Innovation)

Our EU-funded research project POSEIDOMM looks at the effects of microplastics at the very top oceanic layer and photochemical degradation of polymeric compounds. However, we know that 80% of all litter comes from land. In the Mediterranean Sea, 95.7% of all litter consists of plastic (Legambiente report 2016, Plastic-Free Sea). Thus, our citizen-scientists besides standard FWW parameters, also look for anthropogenic pollution and remove the items, whenever possible. Our POSEIDOMM-FWW datasheet has been adopted from other sampling datasheets within FreshWater Watch (e.g.