Salmon cycle of life in Vancouver streams

Its Remberence Day in Canada where we honour all those who have fallen in wars and conflicts in the line of duty. The poem "In Flanders Fields" wirtten during WWI is evocative of the transition between life and death and conflict and quiet. I was out in the field yesterday, and this transition from life to death was exemplified by the salmon, who have fought their way upstream from the ocean to spawn and die in a dance of death. The current scene across streams in the Vancouver area is markedly different from the summer.

  • Husky in Betrand Creek

Betrand Creek: an impacted stream in Metro Vancouver

The past week has been on the hot side in the Vancouver area and by mid-day the air quality getting on the smoggy side. Earlier today I went down to Betrand Creek, near the US Border in Langely to do some sampling. My cell phone always thinks I am in the US down there, but it is a pleasant rural region with patches of forest interspersed with fields. Unfortunately, Betrand Creek is one of the most impacted streams in Metro Vancouver, one of the reasons is inputs from surrounding agricultural lands (nitrates are typically always higher here than most of metro van).