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Getting Close to Nature

What is the emotional value of water?
The emotional value of water © Jeff King

We can understand the material and physical value of water, but nature and water also invoke an emotional response which is equally important. During an Earthwatch lecture at the Royal Geographical Society, Paul Rose, an explorer and TV presenter shared his thoughts on the importance of having a connection to nature.

“We’ve never lived so far from nature, whilst at the same time needing it so much.”

What do you think? How do you connect with the natural world, and what effect does it have on you?


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Lisa S
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I totally agree with Paul Rose. I need nature, at least for a few moments each day for my emotional wellbeing. Even if it's just a trip to the park, or the daily commute, I try to find a few moments a day to get outside (assuming it's not horrid weather!). I also cherish trips a bit further abroad, spending the weekends away from the city with too many people, conjestion and stuffy air!

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My bedroom window looks out onto a tower block, filled with inhabitants and their comings and goings, just a few feet from my window.  But this block is not built from concrete and glass -  it is a giant oak tree!  I have seen birds court there, build nests and raise their young. I have watched woodpeckers dig for bugs in the trunk, squirrels run up to gather acorns and swallows circulate in the air around, catching insects on the wing. There must be millions of tiny insects actually hidden in the bark, caterpillars and moths as well, and I can see festoons of ivy along each branch.  Pigeons coo, sparrows chatter, and rooks caw - like any tower block, it can be very noisy! The sun rises behind it each morning, waking me and heralding life for all within the tree. By night, the moon sails above, etching the black branches against the silver sky. And every season brings changes with the leaf canopy - right now the very first intimations of yellow autumn leaves mark the passing of summer. This great edifice of nature and all the life supported by it is a constant source of delight.  It helps me to meditate each day - and to remind me of my own position as a fellow inhabitant in the natural world.