FreshWater Watch offers our corporate partners unique employee engagement opportunities and practical understanding of a company’s sustainability strategy.
FreshWater Watch can engage teachers and their pupils in hand-on science and bring sustainability to life in the classroom.
We work with some of the leading research institutions in the world – join them and you can design a bespoke local project …
Volunteer groups bring unique understanding to FreshWater Watch so if you’re an angling society, a local NGO, canoeing club etc then join with us.
If what you read interests you and you see the potential then click below to find out more.

FreshWater Watch is a global citizen science project investigating the world’s freshwater ecosystems and is open to anyone with an interest in helping to protect this vital resource.
We welcome collaborations with corporate partners, research institutions, schools and colleges, volunteer groups and members of the public.


What is FreshWater Watch?

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Corporate Partners FreshWater Watch offers a dedicated Citizen Science Leader training day around the issues of fresh water which can be tailored to meet a sustainability strategy. Existing partners include HSBC, Shell and The Crown Estate.

Research Institutions FreshWater Watch is a network of more than 20 research institutions who are each exploring specific issues around freshwater. Institutions can devise their own bespoke project or join global research projects.

Schools and Colleges Freshwater Watch engages teachers and their pupils in real science and covers areas of the curriculum ranging from geography, ecology, data gathering and scientific enquiry.

Volunteer Groups, whether you are an International NGO, a local charity or an interest group you can participate in FreshWater Watch in whichever location you choose.

Members of the public can also get involved, contact us to find out more.

Once you are a trained Citizen Scientist you can use the site in a variety of ways...



Discover - deepen your understanding of the importance of fresh water with our online learning resources.

Collect Data

Collect - use the app or website to upload and share your data, you will receive Science Points for each record.


Discuss - gain Communication Points by participating in FreshWater Watch blogs and forums.