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City of Water Day in NYC!

I just wanted to alert everyone that the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is having it's annual City of Water Day this coming Saturday July 12th! Go check it out or volunteer if you have the time!

Also, learn how NYC processes it's waste water! We would love to hear about anything in particular that surprises you or that you learned from that article.

Here are other more recent articles on green infrastructure:

These Curbside Mini-Gardens Could Help Save New York City Billions of Dollars and

A City's Best Defense Against Climate Change? Its Trees, Wetlands and Watersheds

In other great news, the Department of Interior awarded $4.4 million to NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. With these funds, they aim to restore natural flood protection for the shoreline at Starlight Park and enable a continuous greenway to provide residents with more waterfront access. You are read about it here!

- Diana Hsueh

NYC Research and Scientst Team Member

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