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Entering/amending geographical coordinates

I am unable to find out how to edit the geographical coordinates of a site I have surveyed. I am using the iphone app (actually on a ipad) and the coordinates seem to be set and uneditable. How do I enter the coordinates of the site I have surveyed? I have set the start/stop field to both values and that hasn't made any difference (though I'm not clear what that is actually supposed to do).

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Hello Simon

Thanks for your question...there are pro's and con's of letting the location field be edited.  Quite often people put in erroneous symbols (commas) or mix up latitude and longitude.  Also as the app is intended to be used 'on location' (and should therefore have the correct location) we have decided that the best course is to not be able to edit location on the device.  However, if you wish to change your uploaded record you can do this by editing your uploaded record on the website.  Hope that makes sense re the rationale.



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The site I'm monitoring is in woodland.  If I forget to switch on GPS on my tablet when I leave home I never seem to get a GPS fix under tree cover.  How do I edit my latest upload to have the same co-ordinates as my first?  I can't see how to do that on the website and the Android app seemed locked down.

At the moment my first reading is in Derbyshire, whilst the follow-up is shown as in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa (which is probably not freshwater).

p.s. For the sake of consistency, the first sample also needs editing to have a 'Sample location city' of Sheffield rather than Leeds.