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How do I order the FWW test kit?

Hi, I know it may sound stupid but I am new to the project and I cannot see where can I order the test kit... How shall I do this? My students are soooo eager to start!




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Dear GAP,


Many thanks for writing to us, that's great to hear that your students are keen to take part in FreshWater Watch.

If you're part of a school, you can order your kit for free from the Water Explorer programme which is especially for students aged 8-14 years old.

Register with Water Explorer and you'll get a link back to FreshWater Watch, where you will need to re-register.  We will then set up your account and you will then be able order your free kit.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Best wishes


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Hello, I need to order some more of the Nitrate /Phosphate reagents to continue testing. I did have an email address to request this but have lost the address.Is this information on the FWW site somewhere?  Thanks, Amanda