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Local questions

What local projects have you been involved with?

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I join the Environmental Volunteer Leadership progamme this year which can learn freashwater ecology and threats to freshwater qualiy in Hong Kong

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Dear friends,

I was privileged to be a part of the CSL Training held in New Delhi last week. It's shocking to know that by 2025 there would be a major scarcity of water resource right across the globe, unless all of us "come together" and start making a difference locally in our respective geographies.

I have pledged to make a difference by taking care of a water body in my city.. Please do share some of the work that all of you are doing which is helping you in this area.


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If you're taking a sample, highly recommend tying your bucket to your hand/wrist/etc, before throwing it out into the water.  I didn’t think it could ever happen to me but sure enough, said bucket, rope and all went flying out of my hand and into the water.

Subsequently in trying to retrieve my bucket, I ended up taking a dunk into the river.  Not fun.  Also suggest bringing towel + change of clothes for such an event (in case).  Sure glad it was a hot summer day, but the car ride home in wet shirt/shorts made it more memorable than I had planned for.

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During the last CSL Training our research partners informed us that the Pied Kingfisher is an 'indicator species'. It usually hunts by hovering above the water to detect its prey and then dives vertically down bill-first to capture it! For this it needs crystal clear water.

A couple of colleagues from our research team who are studying indicator bird species at the water body spotted a pied kingfisher here yesterday. They inform us that it is not a common sighting at the site!

Pied Kingfisher spotted by Research Team staff. Information submitted by Monika Sah

Could the ongoing monsoon be a reason for the water to become clear? I wonder...