We offer our corporate partners science-based employee and community engagement opportunities, tailored to their industry.

Our sustainability training programme can be delivered in-person or online. In previous programmes, more than 90% of participants have reported increased awareness around sustainability issues and increased personal motivation to make lifestyle changes in and outside of their work.

Companies can also use FreshWater Watch and WaterBlitzes to engage with their communities, connecting people to their local environments.

Earthwatch are seeking revolutionary new partners. We can work with you to tailor a unique FreshWater Watch project to meet your requirements.

HSBC Water Programme

As part of the award-winning 8-year HSBC Water Programme, Earthwatch engaged over 8,000 HSBC employees. Together, these citizen scientists contributed over 17,000 water quality data points across 36 cities worldwide, providing important evidence to inform freshwater management and policy.


Partner opportunities

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By combining classroom talks, group discussions about the sustainable development goals and time outside the office measuring the water quality of two urban lakes in Bengaluru, we gained a complete, holistic perspective of the environmental challenges that we face. The course really inspired me and I will use the opportunity to inspire others.

Balasubramanian RajamaniVice President of HSBC’s Credit Analysis team in Bengaluru, India