• Ian and Tracy in the studio

FreshWater Watch Rules the Radio Waves

The subject of fresh water dominated the airwaves as radio stations spoke to Earthwatch’s Dr Ian Thornhill and primary school teacher Tracy Guild during a morning of dedicated interviews.
On the penultimate day of World Water Week, Ian and Tracy spoke to 18 radio stations across the UK about water pollution and educating our citizens of the future about fresh water. Interviews were aired from 1 – 7 September and reached 3,018,000 listeners.

  • Professor Loiselle speaking at World Water Week (centre)

A citizen science revolution?

At World Water Week, our lead research scientist Professor Steven Loiselle, spoke at numerous seminars to share the achievements of you, our FreshWater Watch citizen scientists, with leaders and experts in freshwater research and protection.

The UK triumphs in the FreshWater Watch Olympics

The UK topped the leaderboard in the first FreshWater Watch Olympics with more than 100 FreshWater Watch gold medals collected in just two weeks. Hong Kong came in second with India close behind in third. 

Nigerian citizen scientists collect their first water samples

Community leaders in Nigeria begin using FreshWater Watch to monitor bacteria in water sources.

  • Earthwatch Citizen Science Leader Januarie Hall test a sample for FreshWater Watch

What does it take to become CSL of the Year?

HSBC Citizen Science Leader of the Year Januarie Hall describes why she became involved in FreshWater Watch and what drives her to achieve as much as she can with the programme.