• Predicted water availability per person in 2025, source: United Nations Environment Programme

Challenge set to waste less and be more happy

A call has gone out to see what we can all do to reduce the amount we waste while improving our health and happiness.

That is the theme of the Waste Less Live More Week which runs from September today to Sunday, September 28. The strategy behind the week is that it is an approach to rethinking how we live our lives in ways that reduce our environmental impact, while improving the health and happiness of ourselves and each other.

  • Dr. Ritu Singh, Lead Scientist in Delhi helps HSBC volunteers to test water turbidity

Blog: Is your water as great as you think?

World Water Week highlighted how much important work is being done around the world to tackle poor water quality, severe water scarcity and a lack of basic sanitation for millions of people. But Dr. Steven Loiselle, Earthwatch’s Head of Freshwater Research, says that engaged and empowered communities of citizen scientists can make a real difference.

  • A graphic of the circular economy by the UK's Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

Blog: Musings and impressions of WWW – The Nexus, Circular Economy and Marmite

As we enter into the penultimate day of World Water Week, I thought I should summarise my thoughts on emerging themes from the presentations and conversations I have been involved in, writes FreshWater Watch Programme Manager Dr. Neil Bailey

Blog: Embracing the Joy of Trying

A surprise learning from World Water Week 2014 has been that we should not be hampered by the Fear of Failure but be invigorated by the Joy of Trying, writes Earthwatch Senior Communications Manager Malcolm Bradbrook.

I’ve been in a lot of different and fascinating sessions this week.

I’ve learnt about legislation on the water/energy nexus, I’ve learned about sanitation and the issues of open defecation and I’ve learned about the difficulty with maintaining fish stocks in areas of high hydropower usage.

  • The session was complemented by some great questions and insights from the audience

Blog: Collaboration unlocking all our successes

Earthwatch Senior Freshwater Research Manager Prof. Steven Loiselle reflects on a successful Water Programme’s Transformation through Collaboration event at World Water Week in Stockholm 2014.  

Collaboration and transformation are two words you hear a lot at event like World Water Week.

Everyone here wants to change things for the better, whether it’s freshwater provision or protection, sanitation and hygiene or improving the efficiency of hydropower, and everyone recognises no-one can achieve this alone – we need strong and effective partnerships.