• Dr. Charlotte Hall

Shell takes on the water challenge

HSBC are not the only company to adopt Earthwatch’s FreshWater Watch model to inspire and engage their employees through freshwater conservation research; the initiative was recently opened up to employees of global energy organisation, Shell. Earthwatch Research Coordinator Dr. Charlotte Hall blogs.

  • Data was collected by HSBC "Climate Champions" - credit Abilash Mandappa

HSBC Climate Partnership data predicts significant forest damage by 2030s in India’s Western Ghats


Forest types in India’s mountainous west coast look set to change by nearly 20 per cent in the next twenty years, with worrying impacts on local communities.

  • Padley Gorge, Peak District, UK. Credit: Sian Tyrrell

Meat Free May – a start towards freshwater preservation

Today marks the start of Meat Free May, a campaign by Friends of the Earth that challenges people to give up meat and fish for the whole of May. Earthwatch Research Coordinator Charlotte Hall explains how adjusting your diet could actually help to preserve one of our most precious resources – fresh water.

FreshWater Watch – A Short Film

Find out how one of our Citizen Science Leaders is putting her CSL training into action, in this short film about FreshWater Watch from HSBC Now.

HSBC employee Liz Horner took part in a Citizen Science Leader day in November, learning about freshwater issues and discovering how to conduct simple scientific testing in freshwater bodies.

Now she’s putting her new knowledge into practice at a lake near her home, and contributing to a global database which will help scientists to understand impacts on water quality worldwide.

What the latest UN report means for fresh water

The latest UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released this week, gives a wide-ranging assessment of the impacts of climate change on our planet.

FreshWater Watch scientist Prof. Steven Loiselle PhD, gives his perspective on the report, and explains how our freshwater resources will be affected by a warming climate:

The human influence