FreshWater Watch – A Short Film

Find out how one of our Citizen Science Leaders is putting her CSL training into action, in this short film about FreshWater Watch from HSBC Now.

HSBC employee Liz Horner took part in a Citizen Science Leader day in November, learning about freshwater issues and discovering how to conduct simple scientific testing in freshwater bodies.

Now she’s putting her new knowledge into practice at a lake near her home, and contributing to a global database which will help scientists to understand impacts on water quality worldwide.

What the latest UN report means for fresh water

The latest UN report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released this week, gives a wide-ranging assessment of the impacts of climate change on our planet.

FreshWater Watch scientist Prof. Steven Loiselle PhD, gives his perspective on the report, and explains how our freshwater resources will be affected by a warming climate:

The human influence

  • ‘Crystal ball’ water droplet

‘Crystal ball’ water droplet wins the HWP Photography Competition

A woman collecting salt in Peru, a serene pier in Germany, and a thirsty monkey in India were just a few of the images that demonstrated the breadth of freshwater subjects that featured in this year’s HSBC Water Programme Photography competition.

  • Citizen Science Leaders working in Hong Kong

Predicting ‘Red Tide’ risks: Citizen Science Leader data published in Hong Kong scientific paper

A FreshWater Watch scientific partner in Hong Kong has published research incorporating the findings of HSBC Citizen Scientist Leaders (CSLs)

The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) published the paper for the 1st International Conference on the Beneficial Uses of Algal Biomass

The paper discusses the preliminary results of algae biodiversity studies using data collected by CSLs on FreshWater Watch research and learning days in Hong Kong.

  • A FreshWater Watcher in New York collects water samples

FreshWater Watch in New York: How flooding could be harmful to our health

Over the past few weeks, Britain has faced a deluge causing rivers to rise, and instigating more than 100 flood warnings, with particular risk in the south west of England. This exceptional weather event has already claimed several lives.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, FreshWater Watch studies in New York are looking beyond the more obvious dangers of flooding, and exploring the health risks carried by contact with urban flood water.