The World Water Week whirl

Dave Tickner is WWF’s Chief Advisor-Fresh Water, The opinions expressed are his own.

It started even before I boarded my flight at Heathrow. I bumped into Martin. He works for DFID (the UK’s overseas aid ministry) and we’ve known each other for several years. Eighteen months ago he was posted to West Africa. He was accompanying a government minister from Sierra Leone to World Water Week.

Corporates see water challenge as a direct business risk

By Sue Alexander, Senior Manager, Environmental Programmes at HSBC

‘We need a partnership with Nature’

By Sue Alexander, Senior Manager, Environmental Programmes at HSBC

Whilst it is Day Two, the Monday morning is traditionally the Opening Plenary and there was a high level cast speaking.

Partnerships essential for addressing the global water challenge

At the opening plenary of World Water Week this morning UN Deputy Secretary-General and former Chair of WaterAid Sweden, Jan Eliasson, urged that we address water management and sanitation challenges ‘on the basis of cooperation, common interest and common purpose.’

WaterAid’s Head of Major Partnerships Dave Hillyard gives his views.

Learning the lessons about hygiene and sanitation

By Sue Alexander, Senior Manager, Environmental Programmes at HSBC. Did you know the UN General Assembly declared 2013 “International Year of Water Cooperation”? More of that in a moment. I have arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, to attend World Water Week. Firstly, let me explain what World Water Week is. It’s an annual conference held in Stockholm at which some 200 organisations from across the world concerned with water issues meet for scientific and policy discussions. World Water Week delegates have the opportunity to select from over 100 events during the six days. And why am I here?