The difficulties of seeing the ‘quick fix’

HSBC Water Programme in India by Philip Tapsall, Manager, Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Australia  12 March 2013

In this instalment I share my experience visiting a village of 450 people, 20 km out of Lucknow

No toilet? Build one.

No water?  Sink a bore and hook up a pump.

Dirty drinking water?  Stick in a filter.

Job done right?

Unfortunately not.

Why investing in clean water makes sense

HSBC Water Programme in India – Philip Tapsall, Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Australia – 11 March 2013 Ever had a bit of a tummy wobble? Something that didn’t go down quite right? Bali belly? I don’t know about you but it takes me a little while to bounce back. And I certainly don’t enjoy it at the time. What’s your cure? Flat lemonade and cups of tea? A day or two of boring food and then back at it, holding on to your stomach and the thought that eventually it will pass? Imagine for a moment that it was a glass of water that knocked you flat.

Protecting our world and protecting our resources – a double bill coming our way

March heralds two important dates in the HSBC Water Programme calendar – World Water Day and Earth Hour. On the face of it, these seem two very different initiatives, but they have a very close link not least because HSBC Water Programme partners are closely involved. World Water Day and Earth Hour both aim to raise awareness of the importance of the sustainable management of our planet’s natural resources. World Water Day, initiated by the United Nations, provides all of the HSBC Water Programme partners a great opportunity to increase awareness of the global water crisis.

HSBC staff from across the globe visit WaterAid’s work in Ghana

A team of HSBC staff from across the globe visited parts of Ghana this week where WaterAid in Ghana, with HSBC’s support, is starting work to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. The group of seven HSBC representatives left their bases in Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, North America and the UK to spend a week learning more about the HSBC Water Programme in WaterAid Ghana.

Freshwater research moves to next phase

Earthwatch’s freshwater research and learning programme is ready to be launched around the world after the successful completion of a series of pilot days.

More than 40 people have taken part in the three pilot ‘Citizen Science Leader’ days held at Eastbrookend Country Park in Dagenham, Essex. Citizen Science Leaders are HSBC employees who will enrol on the training opportunity. As leaders they learn about critical freshwater issues and how to gather data.