Poisoned population - arsenic contamination in the Ganges Delta

Naturally occurring arsenic affects the water in many of the wells in the north east of India. Millions of people who drink this water are constantly at risk of arsenic poisoning which can have a range of symptoms - from skin lesions to cancer. With the support of the HSBC Water Programme, WaterAid is expanding its projects to reach a further 18,000 people living in arsenic-affected areas.

World Water Week Reflections

Following a packed calendar of seminars, workshops and events, three representatives of the HSBC Water Programme reflect on what they have learned and how this is relevant to the work they are doing.

Earthwatch’s Senior Freshwater Research Manager, Professor Steven Loiselle, said: “The Theme of the week, ‘Water Co-operation – Building Partnerships, was true to its name and I was able to make excellent links to water scientists and water programmes across the globe.”

Enforcement support for the protection of critically endangered Mekong Dolphins

GPS units, solar panels, life jackets, radio communications equipment, water proof cameras and uniforms are amongst the latest tools provided to support the Dolphin Commission river guards, patrolmen working along the Mekong River to protect the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin.

The equipment is set to boost efforts to safeguard the iconic dolphin species on a 190km stretch of the mainstream Mekong River between Kratie, Cambodia and Khone Falls on the border with Laos – areas known to be the dolphin’s habitat range.

Knowledge and collective action empowers scientific research

Earthwatch’s role within the HSBC Water Programme has been to set up FreshWater Watch – a global scientific research programme which is engaging 7,500 HSBC employees as Citizen Science Leaders.

Trans-boundary effort to safeguard Pantanal River Basin

WWF has kick-started crucial plans to create a binding pact between 20 key local municipalities across Mato Grosso State in Brazil that will help protect one of the world’s largest and diverse wetlands.