• New FreshWater Watch App Launch

New FreshWater Watch App Launch

The next generation FreshWater Watch app has been launched! 

The revamped app is now available to help our citizen scientists on Earthwatch’s flagship global citizen science programme with their water quality research.

  • Mapping Monsoon Messengers

Mapping Monsoon Messengers

Earthwatch has launched the innovative programme on the urbans spaces of Bengaluru combining Mapping Monsoon Messengers (monitoring amphibians) with FreshWater Watch.

  • A CSL measuring nitrates

High Nitrates Emergency Avoided Thanks to Citizen Science Leader

Data gathered by Citizen Science Leaders has prevented a potential nutrient release in one of our FreshWater Watch cities in South East Asia.

  • 10,000 FreshWater Watch sample

Meet the FreshWater Watcher who Uploaded the Landmark 10,000th Water Sample

"It’s really good that the bank is involved and they give us space to think about it as it touches lots of employees lives. It's not a huge amount of time to give up and it’s great to be contributing."

  • 10,000 FreshWater Watch samples

10,000 Water Quality Tests for FreshWater Watch

Earthwatch is celebrating its FreshWater Watch programme reaching the 10,000th water quality measurement taken by one of hundreds of citizen scientists around the world.