The Research - Monitoring the effects of agriculture on spatial and temporal variation of water quality in the Ciliwung River

FreshWater Watchers in West Java, Indonesia, helped to study the effects of land use change associated with economic development on water quality in the Ciliwung River Basin.

Previous studies have shown a decline in water quality occurring when pollutants such as sewage, chemicals, nutrients and sediment enter rivers and lakes. In some cases, water can become harmful to both aquatic and human life. A variety of other problems can also occur, including changes to light conditions, water flow and oxygen levels, which can lead to fish kills and a loss of biodiversity.

The goal of the study was to provide a robust dataset to be used to support recommendations to both farmers on crop management methods and to local governing bodies to help management of the river basin over the longer term.

This project ran from 2012 to 2016. Watch our Four years of success video.

Lead Project Scientist: Dr. Hendri Sosiawan (second from left), Indonesian Agroclimatology and Hydrology Research Institute


We give our thanks to our colleague, Dr. Elleonora Runtunuwu who devoted her time and energy to conducting and supporting this programme.

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