Who we are

FreshWater Watch is run by Earthwatch Europe, an environmental charity with science at its heart, focused on driving the change needed to live within our means and in balance with nature.

FreshWater Watch is a ‘citizen science’ project, established in 2012, to enable individuals and communities across the world to monitor, protect and restore their local water resources, including rivers, lakes, streams and reservoirs.

FreshWater Watchers measure key indicators of the health of their local water body and upload the data – including nitrate and phosphate levels, turbidity and visual factors – to our global platform. This data is collated locally and globally, to provide a better understanding of water quality. This information is used by citizens, businesses, governments and scientists to take action to protect freshwater environments. Find out more about how FreshWater Watch has had an impact across the world.

Through FreshWater Watch, we aim to:

  1. connect people with freshwater ecosystems, growing awareness and understanding, and motivating action to improve the health of our water bodies
  2. enable people to monitor the effectiveness of freshwater restoration activities and their impact on water quality
  3. work with businesses and authorities to provide an ‘early warning system’ for pollution events, and share data with these organisations to inform local and national policies on freshwater management
  4. enable communities to collect freshwater data and, in a number of countries, contribute to national Sustainable Development Goal reporting.

Find out more about how FreshWater Watch has had an impact across the world