John Muir award

My son walked the length of the River Witham to earn his John Muir award. He also carried out volunteer days with the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust, Rivercare and started doing water testing for the freshwater watch. He wrote an article about what he had done and it was published in the Wildlife Trust magazine.

Teaching water testing to home educated children

On the 11th March, Tomas (age 13) ran a conservation day at our local orchard where we take one of our water tests. He invited several local home educating families to join in the day. He organised the building of a "bug hotel", a litter pick and they carried out a full water test, trying out using the Secchi tube, measuring water flow speed and the nitrate and phosphate tests. The children were really interested in the testing  and we all had a brilliant day.

  • Earthwatch Plastic Footprint Calculator

Earthwatch launches a Plastic Footprint Calculator

Plastic is fantastic! It's helped us to develop all sorts of new technologies and provided all sorts of benefits to our societies. But using it for single-use items, like food containers, has created a huge global problem. Plastics are not compostable, they don't break down in our environment into something useable by our soils and water sediments, they just get smaller and smaller. Even this process can take hundreds of years, meaning we are drowning in ugly and toxic waste.

Eight years of FreshWater Watch in Brazil

Professor Davi Cunha was one of the first research scientists to lead a FreshWater Watch project. In 2012, as part of the HSBC Water programme, he began to lead citizen scientists to monitor nutrients and harmful algal blooms in streams in Curitiba, São Paulo, and Rio De Janeiro. Under Davi's leadership, the work of FreshWater Watchers in these three cities led to several ground breaking scientific publications on stream health in urban areas (PloS ONE 2016; Science of The Total Environment 2017; Freshwater Science 2019).

Kes' First WaterBlitz!

My name is Kes, and I started at Earthwatch in July of this year as a research assistant in the Freshwater team. Earthwatch has been running the FreshWater Watch programme for over 8 years and has run many WaterBlitzes before, but this was my first one. It was an exciting one to start with, as it was the first Earthwatch had run in multiple locations at once. Between the 20th and the 23rd September, willing volunteers in Paris, Dublin, Luxembourg and the Thames Valley got out and about, sampling their local rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and even wells.