• FreshWater Watchers in Mexico's wetlands

World Wetlands Day 2016

February 2nd is World Wetlands Day. We look at how FreshWater Watchers around the world help to protect wetlands.

  • Credit Crispin Zeeman

Your ‘Get Fit’ New Year Resolution + Citizen Science = Earning Rewards and Making Money for Charity

Get outdoors, improve the air that we breathe and investigate freshwater ecosystems whilst you earn rewards for yourself, and raise money for three great charities! What more could you want in January?

  • South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s tainted drinking water

Greenpeace East Asia recently revealed that the largest drinking water reservoirs in FreshWater Watch location, Hong Kong, are showing a sharp increase in perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), carcinogenics used in industrial products.

  • Nathan Robinson with a sea turtle

Do you know where your plastic litter ends up? Choking sea turtles…

An Earthwatch scientist has captured the threat that plastic pollution poses to marine life.

Climate Change Increases Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Waterbodies

Recent research from Sweden shows that lakes in the near-Arctic are emitting as much carbon dioxide (CO2) as those in warmer regions. This finding means that globally, lakes emit a quarter of the total CO2 released by burning fossil fuels and are considered to compensate for the uptake of CO2 by the world’s oceans.