A citizen scientist studies water quality
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This module is all about how you can get involved. We'll take you through how the scientific process works, and then show you how you can become a citizen scientist with FreshWater Watch.


Activity: Think back on the role of water in your life. Consider how you use it in your daily routines. Where else does it feature in your life?

  • Did you play in the puddles, local pond or fountain as a child? Or in the bath?

  • Do you swim in the local pool or take part in other water sports?

  • Does your way to work take you past the local stream?

  • What important life events have taken place around water bodies?

Need some hints? Think about the importance of water for society and culture as a whole: how many songs do you know that use water as an inspiration? When you watch a movie, in which scenes is water important, when does it rain, and what does it evoke?


Activity: When you’ve come up with some ideas about why water is important to you, share them with us on our interactive map. For more inspiration, have a look at what your fellow FreshWater Watchers are saying below, by clicking on a point on the map.

You could also join our discussion forum about the value of connecting with nature.


The role of water in your life: thoughts & memories map


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