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0.035 9999 No algae Colourless


Your dataset indicates that this waterbody has a poor ecological status.
These values are expected to vary throughout the year as a result of weather patterns and changes in land use. Please help us to better understand this ecosystem by continuing to make measurements.
Geo coordinates of Local Area:
Latitude min and max: 51.100607 : 51.700607
Longitude min and max: -0.638553 : -0.038553
Average measurements from citizen scientists in your area:
Sample in the same area: 2179
Average Phosphate concentration (mg/L): 0.035 ± 0.26. Your measurement: 0.035 mg/L
Average Nitrate concentration (mg/L): 0.1 ± 4.2. Your measurement: 7.5 mg/L
Average Turbidity (NTU): 26 ± 42. Your measurement: NTU



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Albany reach

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Sunday, September 27, 2020 - 13:30
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Because I was tyig to squeeze the ube with 1 hand only (because there was only one plastic glove in the pack - which I now realise was probably to keep me safe when collecting the water from the river and not for stopping my hands from contaminating the experiment) and I hadn't realised that you really need to squeeze the tube on the FLAT sides (not the edges - which is what I'd understood from the instruction to "press the sides of the tube") I hadn't got the full 1.5ml of water in the tube for the Nitrogen test. I don't know if ths affected the result. I was surprised that it was so high because I thought the water quality in this part of the non-tidal Thames is good. I'm afraid I thought the paper instructions were unclear - thank goodness I watched the video. The instructions didn't explain that you should collect your sample in a separate receptacle, or that there are 2 tubes and they are marked NO3 and PO4 in tiny writing and you need to use the right one for the right test (initialy, I thought maybe 1 tube was a spare and you simply compared the colours on the N card after minutes and then the same tube on the P card after 2 further minutes - I only worked it out after watching the video).
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