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0.01 12 Floating mats Colourless


Your dataset indicates that this waterbody has a poor ecological status.
These nutrient concentrations also favour the formation of algal mats which may influence aquatic biodiversity.
Potential sources of nitrate pollution include fertiliser runoff, sewage discharge and livestock activities.
Have you observed any pollution source near the waterbody? It would be helpful if you could add this information by editing your data record to include these observations.
These values are expected to vary throughout the year as a result of weather patterns and changes in land use. Please help us to better understand this ecosystem by continuing to make measurements.
Geo coordinates of Local Area:
Latitude min and max: 51.108896985763 : 51.708896985763
Longitude min and max: -2.1349313735962 : -1.5349313735962
Average measurements from citizen scientists in your area:
Sample in the same area: 366
Average Phosphate concentration (mg/L): 0.18 ± 0.15. Your measurement: 0.01 mg/L
Average Nitrate concentration (mg/L): 7.5 ± 3.5. Your measurement: 7.5 mg/L
Average Turbidity (NTU): 31 ± 57. Your measurement: 12 NTU



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East Kennett SPS

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Carolyn White
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 11:00
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Warm, dry sunny weather for over 10 days. Flow from upstream to bridge was very slow, sides of water had brown algae/sludge floating on surface. Large tree trunk and wooden pallet, (with large nest possibly swan) were straddled across just in front of bridge, not sure if deliberately placed or accidental. That seemed to slow the flow. Downstream beyond the bridge the water was flowing faster, but at my sampling point slow enough for tadpoles to be seen swimming around, and what may have been a cased caddis crawling along some submerged wood.
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Freshwater body type: 
What is the land use in the immediate surroundings?: 
What is the bank vegetation? (select all that apply): 
Is there any of the following on the water surface?: 
Floating algae
Are there any pollution sources in the immediate surroundings? (select all that apply): 
Urban/Road discharge
What aquatic life is there evidence of? (select all that apply): 
Plants below the surface
Plants emerging from the water
Aquatic birds
Is the algae...: 
Floating mats
Estimate the water flow: 
Estimate the water level: 
Estimate the water colour: 
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Action for the River Kennet
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Is the algae...
Are there any pollution sources in the immediate surroundings? (select all that apply)
Can you see evidence of the following water uses? (select all that apply)
What aquatic life is there evidence of? (select all that apply)
Estimate the water flow
Estimate the water level