Scientific Publications

Since FreshWater Watch began in 2012, citizen scientists have collected data from their local ponds, streams and rivers. Their combined efforts have contributed to important research about the global threats to freshwater ecosystems, and the effectiveness of different water management interventions at local, national and international scales.

From the drivers of anthropogenic waste along the shorelines of the Great Lakes, to phytoplankton blooms in China and Brazil, almost 20 freshwater research publications have now been accepted in scientific journals.

Five years of FreshWater Watch
Read how this long-term collaboration between individual volunteers, corporations, governments and researchers has created lasting impact in dealing with freshwater and biodiversity, waste, agriculture, pollution, innovation, awareness and urbanisation.


Science Summaries

Thanks to your measurements, scientists from around the world have published important results in international scientific journals. You can discover more about these results in the short scientific summaries below.

None of this research would have been possible without the commitment of FreshWater Watchers around the world. If you are interested in the full version of any of these publications, please write to and we will be happy to send you the full publication.