FreshWater Watchers upload data from a city canal

So you have collected your water results...what next?

Now it is time to enter the data into the FreshWater Watch website. You may have gathered this data by either using a paper version of the data sheet or a mobile app. This short guide explains how to upload your results using the paper-based approach.

To upload water results you will need to be logged in to your account. On your profile select ‘Upload A Record’. An online version of the data sheet will appear and can be completed as follows:

To mark the location of your result either type in the place name e.g. Baker Street, followed by ‘Get Location’ or select your location by directly clicking on the map. Alternatively, if you used a GPS to record your location you can tick the ‘Manually add latitude/longitude’ box and type the relevant reading into the ‘Latitude’ (decimal degrees north or south of the equator) and ‘Longitude’ (decimal degrees east or west of the Meridian). For example, if you were in Oxford, UK you would get a result something like 51.7564, -1.2610.

Date and Time
This will be automatically populated by the current date and time so please ensure you adjust this if your result was gathered beforehand.

General Fields
Tick the appropriate fields that match the entries you have made in your datasheet. Questions with square tick boxes can have multiple responses whilst fields that are marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

Please try and upload a photograph of your site if possible. There is a maximum file size of 8MB.

Once you have completed filling in the online data sheet press save to load your result onto the website for the world to see!

Log in to upload your results.


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