FreshWater Watch helps to organise two seasonal events in the UK, covering the Thames and Bristol Avon catchment areas. These "WaterBlitzes" are open to the public with the aim to gather as much data as possible over a short period of time. Alongside our regular Thames WaterBlitz, delivered in partnership with Thames Water, we have also partnered with the Royal Bank of Canada to monitor water quality in Dublin, Paris and Luxembourg. See below for more information.

Thousands of samples have been collected across the Thames catchment from Gloucester to Kent. More...

The Bristol Avon Rivers Trust has been recruiting volunteers to gather data in the Bristol Avon catchment area. More...

Alongside our regular Thames WaterBlitz, we have partnered with the Royal Bank of Canada. More...

What is a WaterBlitz?

A WaterBlitz is a race against the clock where volunteers test the health of as many waterbodies in their local area as possible.

Normally held between one and four days, hundreds of water samples are collected during a WaterBlitz. Volunteers test water in a designated catchment area and discover useful information for scientists as well as having a great time outdoors.

Why a WaterBlitz?

A WaterBlitz is a great way to engage new audiences, as well as gain a snapshot of freshwater quality in a particular region. Over such a short period each water sample is directly comparable and they are less subject to the influence of changing weather and seasons.

All the data gathered goes to an open-source database so that researchers and decision-makers can identify areas for further investigation or gain data where little is available. At the same time, WaterBlitz results contribute to the global FreshWater Watch programme to further our understanding of global water quality issues.

Run your own event

WaterBlitz events have been organised in the UK, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Italy and Sweden. If you would like to hold your own WaterBlitz, please contact us for details.