Mekong River, Cambodia
Access to fresh water is important for us all. Above: fishing on the Mekong River, Cambodia.

About the Challenge

The Freshwater Challenge provides a range of online learning resources to deepen your understanding of the importance of this essential resource.

You will gain insight into some of the biggest issues relating to water and we'll provide you with ideas on changing personal behaviour towards sustainable use of fresh water.

To help you learn, information has been divided into bite-size modules. Each contains fascinating facts about water and the world. You can learn by watching videos, listening to podcasts and reading articles. Plus there are quizzes to see how much you know. The sections are designed to be completed in order, but you can skip to others if you wish.

This video gives you a snapshot of where we get our fresh water and some of the issues you will explore as you progress through the modules.



We have added lots of activities and thought-provoking resources, so you can reflect on what you have learnt and see what others’ are discovering.

Your learning should be an interactive experience so there are plenty of opportunities to discuss what you’ve studied in our discussion forums, in order to share ideas and discover more.

Don’t forget to make a profile on the site. You will earn points for completing tasks and activities, such as writing a blog or posting in a discussion forum.

The FreshWater Challenge is also part of something much bigger. FreshWater Watch is a global citizen scientist project investigating the health of the world’s fresh water on a scale never seen before. Citizen science, quite simply means the involvement of volunteers in science. By joining FreshWater Watch, you will be part of a team of citizen scientists and experts leading a global effort to tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time. Find out more by visiting our research pages.

The site will evolve over time, and we’ll be developing new information and activities for you to stay up to date with the big issues of the fresh water challenge. We want to hear from you about your experiences on the site. If there is something you think we can do better please let us know.


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