The Research

Investigating the health of the world's fresh water on a scale never seen before.

Research Questions

  • What are the causes of the loss of freshwater quality?

  • Why are freshwater ecosystems degrading?

Research Purpose

  • To better manage and protect the world's fresh water.

Your Role

  • To uncover the causes of the loss of freshwater quality and ecosystem degradation.

  • To be part of a global community providing environmental information on a scale never seen before.


Potential Research Outcomes

SPATIAL: those relating to location.

Most large water bodies in the world are monitored but this information is not available for many water bodies, including most of the smaller ones.

Our research will be vital for providing information at a finer scale and in areas where it isn't happening at all or no long term information is available.

For example: In the hypothetical location on the right, location A might be monitored but B, C and D will probably not be. This means that changes at location A will not be fully understood.

However, thanks to FreshWater Watch, more data will be available from B, C and D to investigate why these changes took place.

Spatial research

TEMPORAL: those relating to time.

Because of the large numbers of FreshWater Watchers investigating, monitoring and testing freshwater, we will be able to give far more detail on the dynamics of freshwater quality and availability.

For example: In the graph below we can see that standard biannual monitoring shows a gradual decline in phosphate concentrations. However, in quarterly FreshWater Watch data it would appear that phosphate concentrations are increasing annually, allowing for new insights in freshwater dynamics.

Temporal research
Phosphate Levels vs Time


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