Since FreshWater Watch began in 2012, we've been growing our reach globally through thousands of motivated Citizen Scientists signing up online to collect data from their local ponds, streams and other small waterbodies, to help us understand how best to preserve the precious resource of fresh water.

Thanks to your data, we're already seeing some fantastic results.

  • In Latin America, Freshwater Watchers have identified water bodies where high nutrient concentrations have threatened their possible use as potable water sources

  • In study cities in Southeast Asia, Freshwater Watchers have identified catchment activities that have led to the loss in local water quality, allowing local scientific teams and decision makers to initiate and test mitigation activities

  • Meanwhile, Freshwater Watchers in India reported damaging encroachment activities in important water bodies in the subcontinent and are now exploring how changes in these ecosystems are influencing biodiversity.

We would like to thank you for your contributions to the FreshWater Watch research programme. Based on your efforts, the global scientific team is gaining a new understanding of the impacts of land use and climate variability on aquatic ecosystems across the world.

We are now analysing water quality dynamics and ecosystem conditions over the course of the past year.

Your efforts demonstrate that a global community of citizen scientists can make a critical difference. No other research programme involves such a large number of people or such a large number of ecosystems. Your contribution is fundamental in maintaining a vibrant and expanding research programme.

Field Reports

Each year, field reports from our scientists highlight the most exciting developments from your FreshWater Watch research, which help us to track our success and ensure that we’re working in line with our mission.

They’re a great way for you to follow the progress of the project where you trained and others around the world.


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