Taking Action...Today


TODAY: At the Shops

  • In the developed world, scientific testing has shown bottled water to be no safer than tap water. Watch The Story of Bottled Water in this short video and discover if you need to be buying water at the shops.



  • It takes three times the amount of water to make a bottle than to fill it. Click on the infographic for more facts about bottled water:

The facts about bottled water
Infographic: The facts about bottled water, click to enlarge

  • Start choosing goods produced by organisations who are taking action to reduce the impact of their operations on water and the environment.

  • Try eating one less portion of meat and dairy products each week.

  • Animal products have the largest embedded (virtual) water footprint so a quick way to reduce your water consumption is to substitute one animal product with a food with a smaller footprint. Click on the infographic below for a few ideas:

Our water footprint
Infographic: Our water footprint, click to enlarge


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