Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.


Today I was given the opportunity to carry out a presentation to my work colleagues. I explained why the results CSL's obtain are so important on a local level and also on a global level. An overview of a typical training day was provided and this was followed by a demonstration of testing techniques.

I was pleased to find that 3 people were interested in volunteering to become CSL's. I intend to provide them with any extra information they require and encourage them to attend a training day.


Hi every one

After the Training day ,I have started to tell about Fresh Water Watch program and problemS of water we all have on earth.

Until now i had a online chat with my friends and family groups. I posted some pitures and data which can give awareness to all.

Most of them getting back with good responce looking forward to give a presentation to my  fellow staff as well.

Good Luck Every One


Me (wo)manning a stand a World Environment Day 2013 in Canary Wharf. I spoke to about 25 people about HWP, FWW and their water footprint.


Hello, my name is Nance Lewis and I'm a shiny new Citizen Science Leader. Here is a short story about the presentation I delivered to my colleagues at our team meeting on 19th June 2014. I hope this inspires you to go out and teach some of our colleagues about the great work being done through the HSBC Water Programme.



Chicago Zoological Society visited our Elmhurst site and presented on local habitat impacted by fresh water challenges.


We had a team off site yesterday and I was given a slot to present the HSBC Water Programme. I found it a really fantastic experience because it was the first time I was giving such a presentation in the work environment. I had only 10 minutes to pass on the message but I managed to do it. After the presentation almost everyone gave me a positive feedback but the most rewarding is that one person has actually signed up to become a CSL this morning.



I have spoken on the FWW to my colleagues and have had tremendous changes in them. They now realise their role in preserving our freshwater. All 5 have signed up to be a CSL. Thank you all for your guidance.


Assisted with the EarthWatch open day in Leeds, providing information to colleagues about the HSBC Water Programme including Citizen Science field training days. Helped man the stall for a couple of hours and sent an email to my wider department promoting the event.


A "Lunch and Learn" was completed with the local Water Programme partner (Chicago Zoological Society), where habitat were brought to an HSBC corporate facility. Scientists and zooligists provided an overview of how fresh water quality impacts local habitat. The presentation was very well received!