Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.


I was the guest speaker during a Lunch and Learn at HSBC hosted by the Corporate Sustainability department.  In between presentations by Earthwatch and Riverkeeper, I spoke to the group about what being a CSL means to me.  I touched on various topics such as how I really feel like I'm giving back, am part of something bigger, and really enjoy it.  I even mentioned that it helps me get out into my neighborhood to learn more about it and tried to motivate some of the people in the room who are thinking of becoming a CSL to actually take the leap.  I even tried to encourage


I took my sister to help me test the water.  I told her all about the initiative, Earthwatch, Columbia University's efforts, being a CSL, HSBC, and so on, and she was very impressed and wants to learn more about it, so I gave her tips how she can.  We also spoke about ways to get involved in her community.  We even took her dog!  It was fun.


I attended the Citizens Science Leaders Training day in Southampton Common on 12 March 2014. It inspired me to volunteer and spread the word. I did a presentation to my team. I used hard copies of a powerpoint presentation which I had prepared. We sat around a table. It was a 2 way conversation talking about the pertinent issues surrounding freshwater use and monitoring of this precious resource.

It went well and I attempt to roll it out to others who would be interested in this topic.

Nibs Sandher, Southampton, UK.




The HWP Roadshow visited Swansea Contact Centre on the 19th February.  It created a real buzz at our site, 13 people registered with Wateraid for the their School Speaking Service, 2 people registered to be Wateraid volunteers at Glastonbury, 9 people registered to take part in the Citizen Science Leader Day at Swansea in May and it was a great platfrom to launch the Wetlands volunteering days and the staff offer.  All in all a great day with lots people really interested in the day.  Plus Swansea Site Sustainability & Citizen Science leaders doneed their fabulous blue T.


Took two fellow HSBC employees who are not CSLs to share information, help with testing, encourage their own testing, etc.


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We entered the HSBC Water Programme in the category of Best Community Initiative at the Welsh Contact Centre Awards.  Focusing on the involvement Swansea site has had with the initiative and highlighting our involvement and staff engagement in the HWP.  We reached the juding final and myself and Mel Chapman another C.S.  presented to the juding board in December 2013.  We are attending the Awards Ceremony in Cardiff on the 20th February - so fingers crossed!  Watch this space.

  • Swansea Sustainability Champions
  • Swansea Sustainability Champions


At Swansea Contact Centre we've set up a team of Sustainability Champions.  The aim of the role is to raise awareness and spread the word about everything that comes under the Sustainability umbrella. All our S.C.'s are trained Earthwatch Citizen Science Leaders - so naturally were the perfect choice as representatives for the HWBC Water Programme also. They give talks in each of their team meetings on their new role and it's really is helping to engage collegues - the word is definetly getting out there!