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The workshop on Water Program with Freshwater watch in Collabration with Sacci waters have been very informative and inspiring. I would like to contribute my part in conserving the water in and around my place. Will do whatever I can to save water staring from change in myself ,family , organisation and community.


CSL Refresher

Attended a 'Citizen Science Leader Refresher' at 8CS atteneded by members of Sustainability, Eathwatch and a number of CSL's as an experienced CSL and gave a short talk about my experences as a CSL, as well as chattedf with other CLS's to help refresh them in the importtance of their role in the Water Programme.


Spoke on a recent nationwide call (which was hosted by our North American Head of the HSBC Water Partnership) as to my experience so far as a Citizen Science Leader, from my initial interest in the water programme, to getting trained as a CSL, to my actual fieldwork in my neighborhood in Queens, New York. It was enjoyable!!


We have discussed the major uses of the fresh water and the consumption hapits worldwide and focusing on Egypt, we also discussed the sources of our available fresh water, we brainstormed about how we can reduce the waste in fresh water and efficient usages,


Apresentei o programa para meus colegas da área durante reunião trimestral.



In the FWW programme, there are 10 rivers / streams for CSLs to collect data sample.  The one we focus on is the Sha Kok Mei Stream.  It is located in Eastern New Territories area.  Back to the 80s, four out of six monitoring sites by the EPD department measured water quality index WQI graded between 'Fair' and 'Very Bad', Sha Kok Mei stream was one of them with poor grading in the monitoring list.

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Since training in March completed several 7 regular water testing across 3 sites. Discovered my favorite, most local site, when walking with my parents in Kent. Any excuse to get a sun tan I joined them on a long walk and discovered a hidden natural spring right in the heart of the village where the water was crystal clear and flowing naturally into… a drain! Only had a water bottle so used this to take a sample of the water – Phone pictures, returned with secchi.


The water you drink today has likely been around in one form or another since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, hundreds of millions of years ago.

While the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time—continually recycled through the atmosphere and back into our cups—the population has exploded. This means that every year competition for a clean, copious supply of water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and sustaining life intensifies.


Spurred on by my pestering this July myself, Heather Quinn, Tom Curtis and Mark Lorrimer from Internet Delivery, along with some colleagues from Digital, joined other HSBC staff in Newham, East London to assist the water charity Thames21 in revitalizing a neglected disused dock on the River Lea. Cody Dock is part of an ambitious community-owned project to create a community space that will eventually house conservation areas, boat moorings, artist studios, an events venue and much more!