Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.


In HSBC Contact Centre Swansea Restuarant - I gave an impromptu talk.  This was when I was in the restuarant borrowing a teaspoon and a jug in-readiness for a demonstration talk I was giving the next day.  The utensiles were to demonstrate - i.e.


At our Contact Centre in Swansea, Nikki Nash and I gave a talk on the Water Programme and also demonstrated how the water tesing is done at a pond close to our centre.  The group were from our Academy Team and all attendees are withing 6 months of service with HSBC.  We also cover HSBC Corporate Sustainability and this information is then taken with them when they join their new teams.  Some of the attendees have also expressed an interest to join the Citizen Science Leaders 2014 Earthwatch training day at Swansea.


I co-lead the Sustainability Action Team here in New York City for HSBC and we put on, as part of our periodic Speaker Series, a presentation with coffee and snacks to everyone that wanted to attend from our Headquarters or other nearby locations.  One portion of the presentation was by Ray Johnson, our Regional Head of the Water Partnership, who spoke to the attendees about becoming a CSL, the FWW program, and many other things.


I took another non-citizen science leader, my wife, who also works at HSBC, to do the sampling with me and taught her all about the research, FWW in general, how it relates to banking, the community, and so on.  She now hopes she can become a CSL soon as well.


Yesterday evening I had the oppotunity to speak to 2 HSBC employees about the HSBC Water Program.  The 3 of us were at another volunteer event and were talking about the various activities available to HSBC employees.  I told Laura and John about the HSBC Water Program.  Both were extremely interested in learning more.  I explained to them my role as a Citizen Science Leader and that there will be opportunities for them to possibly become CSL's as well.


Mel Chapman and I are Citizen Science Leaders based at Swansea Uk Contact Centre.  We gave a presentation and information day for our Business Academy Team.  We gave an overview of the Water Programme and then proceeded to a beautiful pond close by for the group to observe Mel and I undertaking a water test.  The group thoroughly enjoyed the day and we have received great feedback.  Our aim is to provide the same information day to each Academy Team within their first 6 months of joining HSBC.


As the Program Manager for HWP, I attended the Legal Day of Service and presented HWP to 125 staff who also participated in a day of fresh water related activities. After providing an overview of ways to get involved in HWP, staff planted 10 new trees, 60 conservation shrubs, 2,000 sprigs of American Beach Grass, wildflower restoration, Willow Tree sapling plantings of 250, and removal of an invasive species -- the Japanese Knotwood. The group also installed two Bluebird Bird Houses, to improve habitat in the area.


HSBC Water Programme was presented during the Adopt-a-beach Annual Event in Chicago, IL. External audience made up 90 of the total 100 presented. Participants collected 165 lbs of trash from the beach, and had the opportunity to observe a CSL demonstration.


I presented to the Graduate Development Program participants on their monthly call. The sites of New York, Buffalo, Washington, DC., and Los Angeles received information about FWW, HWP, and the visit to Ghana.

  • Swansea Water Programme and Citizen Science Leader Day


Following our Citizen Science Leadership training day in London, Lindsey Morgan and Debbie Davies held a HSBC Water Programme and CSL information and training session at Swansea Contact Centre.  As a result we had 25 people sign up to become Citizen Science Leaders and the training day is being held in Swansea on the 17th October 2013 - great result and sharing of information.  People told us that we made such an impression they actually thought of us whilst brushing their teeth and turned off the water in between brushing!