Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.

Houghton Open Spaces and Tree Friends

CSL droplet call- presentations

As Chair person for the Channel Islands and Isle of Man water droplet I initiated that our CSL group has monthly (or bi-monthly) calls. This is to stay connected, joint-up in our efforts and share stories. We have had some good discussions and managed to stay focused despite our location diversity. In May we have invited Earthwatch for the second time (first update focusing on Jersey was in October 2015)  to give us 'local' update.

World Environment Day events 2016

In the Channel Islands and Isle of Man water droplet we have arranged a series of events for WED.

We have arranged a screening of Chasing Ice in Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man. Our Dubai and Hong Kong offices also joint with local CSR activities, Dubai was watching a different movie called Plastic.

We also arranged a lunchtime game in the Jersey HO- what goes where focusing on waste selection, reducing the amount of wate and recycling. We have given HSBC Water programme branded water bottled for colleagues participatin in the game.

  • Friends help in fill up data sheet and time keeping

Discussing about the freshwater program and showing the test to friends

Tested on 25-Jun-2016 at Woodbine Park Pond


Presentation of FWW-POSEIDOMM project at MICRO2016 International Conference in Lanzarote!

I was lucky enough to be in Lanzarote last week. The island is great, no need to say I would have stayed there :) and, most importantly, it held the 3-days international conference Micro2016: Fate and Impact of Microplastics in Marine Ecosystems: From the Coastline to the Open Sea

HSBC WaterProgramme - CSL Training

Held CSL Training presentation on 19May 2016.

Draft Review

Company awareness day on World Water Day

Awareness raising in the canteen and corridors and water-machines, toilets abour global water crisis.

More event planned on World Environment Day.

general awereness

just did the course FFW on friday. I did want to tell my collegues as soon as possilble why i'm so
enthousiastic and even passionate about thus subject.

As this will be only a small and fast awereness presentation , there will be a follow up