Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.

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Malaka Cheruvu - The Lake

As I am CSL since 2015, I got an appourtunity to trained 6 people along with me visit to Malaka Cheruvu on 2nd April' 2016

HSBC Water Programme Roadshow

The HSBC Water Programme Roadshow was held in Bristol in February 2016 and I attended with representatives from the Water Programme partners WWF, Earthwatch, WWT & Wateraid. We each had stands to raise awareness of the HSBC Water Programme.  The event was held in the canteen at the Redcliff Quay office in Bristol and the footfall through the 3 hours was probably about 75-100 people.


I was able to talk to people about my involvement as a Citizen Science Leader and encouraged people to sign up to receive more information about the training.

Monthly call for CSLs as the chair of the CIIOM water droplet

Since September I coordinate the Channel Islands and Isle of Man FFW droplet as a chair person. I set monthly calls to update the team. In October we had Earthwatch joining our call that was great. 

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The first italian sample!

Hi everybody! My name is Gianluca and I'm about to graduate in "prevention's techniques" at the University of Siena. Here I met prof. Steven Loiselle who let me know about freshwaterwatch. Together we've decided to achieve a graduation thesis based on the citizens' observatories for environmental monitoring, so I've become the first citizen scientist to takes samples in Italy for freshwaterwatch.

Waterkeeper USA

Shout out to FWW during APIC Diwali Celebration

On November 5, I hosted a Diwali celebration event for HSBC's Asian Pacific Islander Committee Employee Resource Group. The event was attended by almost 200 colleagues and guests including our CEO Pat Burke, US COO Vic Severino, US CRO Rhydian Cox, D&I Head Tricia Myers, Americas Regional Head of Private Bank Marlon Young. During the closing remarks for the event, I asked our colleagues to find a cause that they are passionate about and get engaged through HSBC opportunities like our partnership with Earthwatch, the HSBC Water Programme, and the Fresh Water Watch.

FWW awareness

Discussion was on following topics-

1. Why water,

2. Importance of fresh water conservation,

3. Facts and figures,

4. water foot print, water requirement for various commodities and 

5. personal action.

Team Meeting

Kingston Urban Ponds

With Kingston ever growing population and demand for housing you will see in every new development area a man made pond.

To the average person it may just be a lovely comsetic insentive to live in that neighbourhood but it is much more than that.

Urban ponds assist with road and residential run off.

That means that it take on the excess water from your lawns and roads to help prevent things such as flooding.

The ponds are also good for irrigation which can help with green space growth but additionally they can assist in a better living environment.

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