Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.

HSBC Water Programme Award ceremony in UK, video call for Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Collegue Presentation

1. What is EarthWatch Institute?

2. The events of the training day.

3. WIFMs.

Freshwater Watch Programme

On Tuesday 22nd September, along with a colleague based in the Netherlands, we presented on the Freshwater Watch (FWW) Programme in our quarterly community meeting.

We covered the following aspects:

Introduction to Earthwatch, results of away day

Today I gave a Presentation to the Asset Management Programme Team at Heathrow, In the main it involved giving feedback to them on what I managed to achieve during the day but also to "plant the seed" in their minds that this is something they can get involved in. It was well received and I have applied for more presentation material to keep the message flowing into Heathrow and look forward to the outputs.

water challenges

CVM- team offsite with water quiz

We had a CVM team offsite that took place in the week of the NatWest Island Games in Jersey. As for this we divided our team into smaller groups each one presenting an island. Next to the activities every team got a quiz with three parts before the even which they had to solve. The middle part of this quiz was about water (footprint), islands and sustainibility. Given the fact we work on an island sometimes I feel that people take water as a granted resource. We have serious sportsmen and women in our team, doing channel swimming yearly and even relays around Jersey.

Employee Sustainability Fair June 16th

We had a sustainability fair in June in our US Headquarters and it was a chance for colleagues in the building to learn, in a relaxed setting, about our Sustainability partners and how they can get involved.  It was mostly non-HSBC tables such as City Year, Riverkeeper, etc, but we did have a few internal tables, one of which was the Citizen Science Leader table.  I worked the CSL table with fellow CSL Michelle Pusey and we not only spread the word about the Water Partnership, Susatinaibilty, Community, and all the great work HSBC and our Partners are doing, but we

Email to 12 Calthorpe Road, Birmingham

Hi All

If you have not taken advantage of your 1 volunteer day available to you then read below.

I just wanted to make you aware of a fantastic Volunteer Day I took part in with my team. It is called Citizen Science Leader Training and I have attached details below.

They are more than happy for a team to go or you can sign up as individuals. If you contact Richard Salmon he has always been very helpful to me.

  • Volunteers on the beach in Chicago.
  • Canada geese at Hillsborough Park pond

The HSBC Water programme (Internal newsletter article)

The HSBC Water Programme is a five year, $100 million programme in partnership with three NGOs that rank amongst the world's most respected; WWF, WaterAid and Earthwatch. The UK section is being run in two parts: A volunteer speaker network, to spread the word about Water Aid and their work enabling people all over the world to have access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities. A programme to train Citizen Science Leaders who can then test the water quality of ponds and streams in their local area.

Morning meeting