Citizen scientists are busy spreading the word about FreshWater Watch.

Read more about their activities below. If you have recently given a presentation, please log in to let us know.



In our Area, we do collective morning meetings every quarter. It is really an opportunity to talk about business in a wider persepctives, going far beyond the branch boundaries. Thanks to the availbility of our Area Director as well as our Regional Director, I was able to introduce the Water Programme and FreshWater Watch to a wider audience. 

I introduced the programme, explained how a CSL training day works and what additional skills we can bring back to our branches.


US CS has created a 2015 calendar on 100% recycled paper and provided staff with details to visit the US CS internal site and learn more about our environmental focus area and sustainability programs.


Presented an overview of various Corporate Sustainability activities to college students and alumni at a local University. Featured the HSBC Water Programme and various ways HSBC engages with staff in our environmental focus area.


I have been promoting and presenting on the CSL program a lot lately which is why I wanted to log this presentation.  I can't go thorugh all of them, but will mention a few.  For instance, a new employee reached out to me to learn more about the bank and one major thing I told him about was the Fresh Water Watch.  He was captivated, which led to me introducing him to the Sustainability Team and then culminated (or now begins :) in him signed up to become a CSL at the next possible training.


Volunteered at the Cutty Sark event heald by HSBC Water Programme.


Sept 18 - Internal discussion with colleagues from HSBC Market Data and External services. Creating awareness of the programme and two new volunteers on board. 


We recently did another installment of the NYC Sustainability Action Team Speaker Series Lunch and Learns in which we hosted Bill Thomas, Global Head of HTS Sustainability, and Matt Robinson, Global Head of the Sustainability Leadership Programme.  They gave a presentation to our building about all of the things HSBC is doing to Reduce our footprint, invest in sustainable projects and policies, and ways that we can get involved.  I was a co-host for the event and was able to work into it a plug for the CSL programme (as I try to do every chance I get, whether in a formal

  • SUBMERGE Event- Citizen Science Leaders Ready to Share Their Knowledge!
  • SUBMERGE Event- Explaining What CSLs Do
  • SUBMERGE Event- Demonstrating Water Testing!


On Sunday, October 5, Ray Johnson and I donned our Citizen Science Leader shirts and partnered with our friends at Riverkeeper to represent the Water Programme at SUBMERGE!, A Marine Science Festival devoted to brining awareness to NYC's coastal waterways. The day-long festival was presented in partnership with the New York Hall of Science and focused on ocean science while raising awareness of how people influence our local waterways. Noted marine scientists presented current research through hands-on activities and compelling presentations.


Shared information about the institute and objectives. Also shared details learned during the trainign sessions.