Working with leading scientists and academic institutions, Earthwatch creates impactful programmes that conduct and disseminate world-class scientific research. The credibility of FreshWater Watch and our scientific partners means that the data collected is used in global research studies and published in respected peer-reviewed academic papers.

Our model of Citizen Science plays a vital role in providing scientific understanding to address environmental issues and inform business sustainability planning. Engagement in science allows cost-effective collection of very large data sets in short time periods, providing key information to our partners and the wider scientific community.

FreshWater Watch has a network of research institutions who are exploring specific freshwater issues. Institutions can devise their own bespoke project or join global research projects.

FreshWater Watch participants have enabled scientists to meet research goals that could never have been met in the past. Every hour spent training a participant provides an average of seven hours of monitoring being performed - a 720% return on time invested.

Professor Steven Loiselle, Earthwatch's Global Freshwater Research Manager

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